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By Fred Diamond

This booklet introduces the idea of modular kinds, from which all rational elliptic curves come up, with an eye fixed towards the Modularity Theorem. dialogue covers elliptic curves as advanced tori and as algebraic curves; modular curves as Riemann surfaces and as algebraic curves; Hecke operators and Atkin-Lehner thought; Hecke eigenforms and their mathematics homes; the Jacobians of modular curves and the Abelian kinds linked to Hecke eigenforms. because it provides those rules, the booklet states the Modularity Theorem in a variety of varieties, referring to them to one another and concerning their purposes to quantity thought. The authors suppose no historical past in algebraic quantity thought and algebraic geometry. routines are included.

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Convey that this situation holds for Γ (N ) if and provided that N < 12. three. nine. three. exhibit that Γ0 (N ) = {±I}Γ1 (N ) for N = 2, three, four. What does this convey approximately dim Mk (Γ0 (N )) and dim Sk (Γ0 (N )) for those values of N ? As a unique case of this, word the formulation dim(M2 (Γ0 (4))) = 2 stated within the context of the 4 squares challenge in part 1. 2. three. nine. four. express that Γ (2) = undeniable approximately determine three. four? zero 0.5 −1 zero −1 {±I}Γ1 (4) zero half −1 zero . What does this ex- three. nine. five. For what values of N does the genus g(X(N )) equivalent zero? 1? four Eisenstein sequence For any congruence subgroup Γ of SL2 (Z), the distance Mk (Γ ) of modular kinds obviously decomposes into its subspace of cusp kinds Sk (Γ ) and the corresponding quotient house Mk (Γ )/Sk (Γ ), the Eisenstein area Ek (Γ ). This bankruptcy supplies bases of Ek (Γ (N )), Ek (Γ1 (N )), and subspaces of Ek (Γ1 (N )) referred to as eigenspaces, together with Ek (Γ0 (N )). the root parts are variations of the Eisenstein sequence from bankruptcy 1. For okay ≥ three they're easy to jot down, yet for okay = 2 and okay = 1 the method is different. other than demonstrating specific examples of modular varieties, computing the Fourier expansions of those Eisenstein sequence leads clearly to similar matters which are attractive of their personal correct: Dirichlet characters, zeta and L-functions, their analytic continuations and sensible equations, Bernoulli numbers and Bernoulli polynomials, Fourier research, theta capabilities, and Mellin transforms. those principles are offered in context because the want arises. they assist to teach extra normal type of Eisenstein sequence, augmented through a fancy parameter, satisfies a sensible equation in addition. on the finish of the bankruptcy they're used to build a modular shape that's on the topic of the equation x3 = d and to the Cubic Reciprocity Theorem because the motivating instance within the book’s preface is said to x2 = d and Quadratic Reciprocity. similar studying: a variety of elements of this fabric are coated within the texts [Gun62], [Hid93], [Kob93], [Miy89], [Lan76], [Sch74], and in sections of the papers [Hec27] and [Hid86]. four. 1 Eisenstein sequence for SL2 (Z) The Eisenstein sequence Gk (τ ) for even okay ≥ four have been defined in bankruptcy 1, as have been the normalized Eisenstein sequence Ek (τ ) = Gk (τ )/(2ζ(k)) with rational Fourier coefficients and best coefficient 1. Recalling primed summation signal ability to sum over nonzero components, compute that 110 four Eisenstein sequence ∞ Gk (τ ) = (c,d)∈Z2 1 = (cτ + d)k n=1 ∞ = 1 ok n n=1 (c,d) gcd(c,d)=1 1 (cτ + d)k (c,d) gcd(c,d)=n 1 = ζ(k) (cτ + d)k (c,d) gcd(c,d)=1 1 . (cτ + d)k those calculations are legitimate because the sequence Gk (τ ) converges completely for all integers okay ≥ three, as proven in workout 1. 1. four. It follows that Ek (τ ) = 1 2 2 (c,d)∈Z gcd(c,d)=1 1 . (cτ + d)k (4. 1) The sequence defining Gk and Ek cancel to 0 for peculiar okay. Define P+ = {[ 10 n1 ] : n ∈ Z}, the optimistic a part of the parabolic subgroup of SL2 (Z). this enables an intrinsic description of the normalized Eisenstein sequence (Exercise four. 1. 1), Ek (τ ) = j(γ, τ )−k .

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