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By Malcolm Wilson

Within the first full-length research in any smooth language devoted to the Meteorologica, Malcolm Wilson provides a groundbreaking interpretation of Aristotle's typical philosophy. Divided into elements, the publication first addresses common philosophical and clinical matters via putting the treatise in a diachronic body comprising Aristotle's predecessors and in a synchronic body comprising his different actual works. It argues that Aristotle considered meteorological phenomena as middleman or 'dualizing' among the cosmos as an entire and the manifold global of terrestrial animals. enticing with the easiest present literature on Aristotle's theories of technological know-how and metaphysics, Wilson makes a speciality of problems with aetiology, teleology and the constitution and harmony of technological know-how. the second one half the publication illustrates Aristotle's imperative issues in a section-by-section therapy of the meteorological phenomena and offers ideas to a number of the difficulties which have been raised because the time of the traditional commentators.

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